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This is Washington Youth Rocketry

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Welcome to Washington Youth Rocketry, the organization bringing Eastside Seattle its first-of-its-kind dedicated youth-oriented aerospace engineering programs, crafted using an exploratory lens of STEM and model rocketry. We provide fun, hands-on programs that puts curious kids right into the heart of rocketry, with exciting demonstrations, engaging classes, scientific theory, and interactive classes. No matter if your young learner is completely new to model rocketry or is practically a NASA scientist, our programs will always give your child something new to learn, talk about, and enjoy.

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STEM, standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is crucial to our understanding of the world we live in. In the 21st century, STEM has become increasingly important for the economy, innovations, and careers, and today's children will grow up to a society that will be even more STEM-involved. Washington Youth Rocketry helps kids discover the wonderful and exciting field of STEM and develop an interest and love for STEM to better prepare them for the future. Our programs all use a STEM-based curriculum that prompts students to utilize all four subjects of the STEM acronym. 

This is STEM Education

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This is Aerospace Engineering

Spaceships. Space stations. Astronauts. Rockets. These are all made possible with the wonders of aerospace engineering, the field of engineering dedicated to vehicles that operate in the air and space. With NASA planning to land astronauts back on the Moon by 2026 and companies like SpaceX who have Mars and beyond in their targets, humanity is about to enter the second Space Age, meaning demand for aerospace engineers is only increasing. The career of a rocket scientist doesn't start with a Saturn V or a Falcon Heavy, though — it begins with the basics. Washington Youth Rocketry provides that crucial start point that creates the next generation of aerospace engineers that will lead humanity to space.

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This is Model Rocketry

Model rocketry is aerospace engineering in miniature. The same forces and physics that acted on the Saturn V also apply to model rockets, so it is a perfect educational tool for young engineers to learn the principles of rocket flight. In fact, they are endorsed by NASA and the Civil Air Patrol for their educational value. Millions of model rockets get launched every year, all throughout the world. Model rockets are completely safe and legal in all fifty states, exempted by the FAA, and actually have a better safety record than most outdoor sports. Two generations of American aerospace engineers have already been inspired by model rocketry, and with Washington Youth Rocketry, your child can join the next. We help children develop a lifelong appreciation for this time-tested and honored hobby, and join the thousands of adults who are amateur or high-powered rocketeers.

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